Kota Yamazaki



January 2017

Jan 9:  “Darkness Odyssey Part 3-Dark Force, Pneuma Opera” (work-in-progress showing) at Movement Research at Judson Church

Jan 7: “Darkness Odyssey Part 3-Dark Force, Pneuma Opera” (work-in-progress showing) at City Center, New York

November –December 2016

Nov 28-Dec 16: Creation residency at BAC (Baryshnikov Arts Center), New York

September 2016

Sep 3-22: Workshop and Performance (new work) at Dance Box, Kobe, Japan

July 2016

July 15-16: New work and "Not Knowing" at SESC Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

July 11: Talk event at SESC Santro Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

July 5-14: Workshop at key zetta & cia., Sao Paulo, Brazil

March 2016

Mar 26-27: "Dance of Darkness" at Asahi Art Square, Tokyo as part of JCDN's touring project

Mar 6: "Dance of Darkness" at IMAZ Hall, Fukuoka as part of JCDN's touring project

February 2016

Feb 27-28: "Dance of Darkness" at Dance Box, Kobe, Japan as part of JCDN's touring project

Feb 19-20: OQ at Miami Light Project, FL

Feb 12: OQ at Wesleyan College, CT

January 2016

Jan 29: OQ at UC San Diego, CA

Jan 16: "(a) still life(s)" at Sapporo Con Carino, Sapporo, Japan as part of JCDN's touring project

December 2015

Dec 3-13: Whenever Wherever Festival 2015/ Invisible Body, Tokyo

November 2015

Nov 9-30: New creation at Kinosaki International Arts Center on JCDN
(Japan Contemporary Network)'s residency program, Hyogo, Japan

Nov 5-8: Yamazaki performs in "Ne Anta" (based on Samuel Beckett's "Hey Joe") by ARICA Theater Company at Theater Tram, Tokyo (www.aricatheatercompany.com)

June 2015

Jun 5-6: OQ at Japan Society, NY (http://www.japansociety.org/event/oq)

May 2015

May 30: Butoh/ Movement workshop on Japan Society, NY (http://www.japansociety.org/event/butohdance-workshop-with-kota-yamazaki)

April 2015

Apr 24: IRUKA (Yamazaki's solo) at Emelin Theatre on Dance Off The Grid, NY

Apr 11: OQ (premiere) at Arizona State of University Gammage, AZ

February 2015

Feb 16-Mar 7: Dance in Process (DiP) residency at Gibney Dance Center, NY (http://gibneydance.org/center/dance-in-process/)

December 2014

Dec 4: "Not Knowing" (an improvisational duet with Lacina Coulibay) at St. Marks Church on Movement Research Fall Festival, NY

September 2014

Sep 23: "Running" (Yamazaki's solo) at Super Deluxe on Tokyo Experimental
Performance Archive, Tokyo (https://www.super-deluxe.com/room/3706/)

Sep 16-30: Whenever Wherever Festival 2014/ When a Body Utters, Tokyo

Sep 20-28: "When a Body Utters" (Workshop and Performance) on Whenever
Wherever Festival 2014, Tokyo (http://bodyartslabo.com/wwfes2014/)

July 2014

July 13-17: IIAC (International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium) residency and workshop on Moving Arts Lab at Earth Dance, MA

June 2014

Jun 12-13: Solo performance at SOAK Festival 2014, Brooklyn

Jun 8: Butoh workshop at LEIMAY Ludus Lab, Brooklyn

April 2014

Apr 28: Butoh workshop at Middlebury College, Vermont

Apr 27: Butoh workshop at Bennington College, Vermont - as a part of
Inauguration event of President Mariko Silver

March-May 2014

Teaching at Bennington College, Vermont

February 2014

Feb 15 Butoh Master Class at Vangeline Dance Theater, New York

January 2014

Jan 10-Feb 10 Workshop and Creation with Keyzetta Ecia, Brazil

October 2013

Oct 7-27: Whenever Wherever Festival 2013, Tokyo (www.bodyartslabo.com)

September 2013

Sept 28: Connecting to Inner and Outer Landscape -an outdoor workshop at First Green Art Park organized by Movement Research, NY (www.movementresearch.org)

May 2013

May 25: Still Sounding, Still Standing-an open practice and a free showing on Movement Research Spring Festival, NY (www.movementresearch.org)

May 24: Body Sound- a workshop co-facilitated with Samita Sinha on Movement Research Spring Festival, NY (www.movementresearch.org)

March 2013

Mar 26-27: IRUKA (Yamazaki's solo) and workshop at Teatro Gero in Sao Paulo, Brazil (www.site.teatrogeo.com.br)

Mar 25: Yamazaki's interview on the official blog of National Endowment for the Arts. (www.artworks.arts.gov)

Mar 18: Yamazaki received Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant Award in New York! (www.foundationforcontemporaryarts.org)

February 2013

Feb 28-Mar 3: Yamazaki performs ARICA Theater Company's latest work "Nee Anta" in Tokyo (www.aricatheatercompany.com)

January 2013

Jan 24-26: (glowing) at Miami Light Project, FL (www.miamilightproject.com)

October-November 2012

Oct 27-Nov 4: Intensive Butoh workshop at CAVE, NY

September 2012

Sep 27-29: (glowing) at The Dance Center at Columbia College Chicago, IL

Sep 22: (glowing) at The Lakewood Cultural Center, CO

Sep 15-16: (glowing) at North Forth Art Center, Albuquerque, NM

Sep 9: (glowing) at PICA/TBA Festival, OR (at Portland State University: Lincoln Performance Hall)

Sep 7: Workshop at PICA/TBA Festival (www.pica.org)

Jul-Aug 2012

Jul 22-Aug 5: Whenever Wherever Festival Part 2 at Morishita Studio, Tokyo, Japan

Jul 23: Duo dance ("Nigori to Natsukuzu") with Mina Nishimura at Water and Land-Niigata Art Festival, Japan

Jul 22: Site Specific Dance at Water and Land-Niigata Art Festival, Japan

May-June 2012

Jun 9-12: Workshop at Yotsuya Art Studium, Tokyo, Japan

May 15-Jun 6: Whenever Wherever Festival Part 1 at Morishita Studio, Tokyo, Japan

April 2012

Apr 5-6: Premiere of (glowing), performed by Fluid Hug-Hug, at EMPAC, NY

Apr 14: (glowing) at Andy Warhol Museum, PA

Apr 20-21: (glowing) at The Painted Bride Art Center, PA (Apr. 20-21)

Apr 27-28: (glowing) at Japan Society, NY

Apr 24 & 28: "The Body and The Native Land:Butoh and African Dance Workshops with Kota Yamazaki" at Japan Society, NY

November 2011

Nov 25-27: Fluid Hug-Hug performs and teaches at Globalize: Cologne in Cologne, Germany

October 2011

Oct 12-15: Yamazaki performs in Visible, choreographed by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Nora Chipaumire, at Harlem Stage, NY

Oct 31: Performance at Movement Research at Judson Church, NY

July-August 2011

Jul 7-Aug 13: Workshop, performances and roundtables at Whenever Wherever Festival at Asahi Square and Morishita Studio in Tokyo, Japan (www.bodyartslabo.com)

February-April 2011

Feb 23-Apr 12: Teaching at Bennington College, VT

Feb 3-5: Yamazaki performs, as one of guest performers, in Voix De Ville, choreographed by Cori Olinghouse, at Danspace Project at St.Marks Church, NY

November 2010

Nov 23: Solo performance at Kazuo Ohno Festival at Bank Arts, Yokohama, Japan

October 2010

Oct 22-23: Solo performance at The Province Town Dance Festival, MA

Oct 11: Solo performance at Judson Church at Movement Research, NY

September 2010

Sep 3-5: Yamazaki performs in Island of No Memories, choreographed by Kaori Ito, at Sitama Arts Theater, Japan

August 2010

Aug 4-8: Yamazaki performs in The City of Paper, choreographed by Yin Mei, at Jacob's Pillow Festival, MS

June-July 2010

Jun 11-July 11: Workshop, performances, roundtables at Whenever Whereever Festival at Asahi Arts Square and Morishita Studio in Tokyo, Japan

Jul 13-16: Workshop at Yotsuya Arts Studium in Tokyo, Japan

April 2010

Intensive workshop at Dance New Amsterdam and Peridance Capezio Center, NY

March 2010

Mar 19-20: Yamazaki performs in The City of Paper, choreographed by Yin Mei, at Miami Daide College in Florida (at Byron Carlyle Theater)


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