Kota Yamazaki





  Running 2014
  (glowing) 2012
  Nigori Natsu-Kuzu 2012
  Rays of Space 2009
  Chamissa 4°C [restage] 2008
Um... Waltzish [solo] 2008
Picnic... for Men 2008
April-May-June 2008
  Inhale-Exhale A to C
(with an installation by Cecile Pitois)
  IRUKA [solo] 2007
  Sience Fiction 2005
Rise : Rose 2005
A Day of Africa 2003
Helsingør 2003
Meronna 2002
Fish for Ellen 2002
Night on the Grass 2001
COMISSIONS Little Lellolello 2009
  Chamissa 4°C - (Australia) 2006
  Work of Virgins - (Tokyo) 2006
  Caused by economy - (Korea) 2005
  FAGAALA - (Senegal) 2004
ROSY Co. Cholon 2001
Hyper Ballad 2001
Foigras 2000
Passarbaru 2000
Chinoise Flower 1999
Picnic 1997
What's Wrong 1996
Shakuri 1995
Shasen - The Oblique Line and Creak 1995
Traffic 1994
Inflection 1994




OQ (2015)

Commissioned by Japan Society
Premiere at Arizona State University Gammage
Performed by Lauren Cox, Leah Morrison, Mina Nishimura, Silas Riener, Ryoji Sasamoto
Set Design by SO-IL
Original Music by Masahiro Sugaya
Lighting by Kathy Kaufmann
Costume by Kota Yamazaki
Technical Director: Meredith Belis

Photo: Tim Trumble


RUNNING (2014)

Premiere at SALA ARISANTEMPO, Sao Paulo
Performed by Kota Yamazaki


.Photo: Paul Zbengheci


(GLOWING) (2012)

Co-Commissioned by Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) and Japan Society
Premiere at EMPAC, NY
Performed by Maggie Bennett, Marie Agnes Gomis, Mina Nishimura, Ryoji Sasamoto, Eva Schmidt, Shiferaw Tariku
Lighting Design by Kathy Kaufmann
Set Design by Robert Kocik
Music by Kohji Setoh
Costumes by Kota Yamazaki

"To create a piece inspired by In Praise of Shadows,Tanizaki Junichiro's famous essay on Japanese aesthetics-not only with Japanese performers, but also with African and American performers-may just be a wild dream, but that was my vision. Rather than focusing on interesting commonalities or clear differences between African dance and butoh, I was fascinated by the organic communication which was gradually built among these performers."
—Kota Yamazaki

"The stage becomes a Zen garden, and the dancers are polished stones placed harmoniously within it."
—Times Union

.Photo: Tyler Sparks


[translation: Turbidity and Summer Dust]

Presented by Water and Land-Niigata Art Festival 2012
Performed by Mina Nishimura and Kota Yamazaki
Installation by Noriyuki Haraguchi

.Photo: Tadao Kazama



Premiere at Dansapce Project at St.Marks Church, New York
Performed by Elena Demyanenko, Ildiko Toth, Kai Kleinbard, Mina Nishimura and Ryoji Sasamoto
Set and Concept by Cecile Pitois
Original Music by Masahiro Sugaya
Lighting Design by Kathy Kaufmann
Costumes by Kota Yamazaki

"Bodies engaged in unspoken dialogues creating a hazy landscape of flowing and fleeting energy.
Mr. Yamazaki creates a conversation with bodies, in which unspoken thoughts take on a language of their own" - The New York Times
—The New York Times

"Another magical place"

.Photo: Cécile Pitois


CHAMISSA 4°C [restage] (2008)

Premiere at Dance New Amsterdam, NY
Performed by Bill Manka, Jean Freebury, Mina Nishimura, Sarah Zitnay and Saul Ulerio
Music: Masahiro Sugaya
Original Lighting Design: Ben Cobham
Lighting Aaptation: Amanda K. Ringger
Costume Design: Ess-Hoshika Laboratory

"Inspired by the extraordinary landscape of the dessert in New Mexico where is filled with yellow chamissa flowers, and Van Gogh's Sunflower, a central image of the piece became "madness in yellow". Twisted delusions of characters cross each other and a serene landscape will slowly emerge through the accumulation of disrupted images."
—DNA Program Note

"Chamissa 4? negotiates equally with fear and beauty……The depth and breadth of Chamissa 4? is enough to make the piece both head-scathingly weird and wholly satisfying."

.Photo: Quinn Batson


UM...WALTZISH (2008)

Premiere at Kazuo Ohno Festival, Japan
Performed by Kota Yamazaki
Costume Design: Kota Yamazaki




Premiere at 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Festival, NY
Performed by Masanori Hoshika, Michel Kouakou, Bill Manka, Ryoji Sasamoto,
Tomohiko Tsujimoto and Kota Yamazaki
Music: Masahiro Sugaya
Set and Video Design: et in terra pax
Lighting Design: Amanda K. Ringger

"Picnic… for men, revisits Yamazaki's inspiring 1996 visit to New York's nightclubs, and reflects the beauty of a community that lives only for a moment, born out of the loneliness of people moving together."
—Excerpt from festival brochure

"Picnic…for men is a wonderful journey on some enormous, shuddering spaceship whose passengers are in no hurry to arrive. They enjoy the trip and each other, with moments of fiction and tension but an overall feeling of cooperation. "


.Photo: Quinn Batson



Premiere at 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Festival, NY
Performed by Janet Charleston, Jean Freebury and Mina Nishimura
Music: Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto
Costume Design: Michiyo Sato
Lighting Design: Amanda K. Ringger

"April-May-June is a quiet piece, lushly weird, with silent exclamations, catatonic slowness and strangely connected and unconnected ghosts……."


.Photo: Quinn Batson


(Invitation to Dance by Cecile Pitois)

Premier at FIAF's (French Institute Alliance Francaise) Crossing The Line Festival
Performed by Kota Yamazaki and Mina Nishimura
Installation by Cecile Pitois

.Photo: Cécile Pitois


IRUKA (2007)

Premier at JCDN's (Japan Contemporary Dance Network) touring project
"We gonna go dance" in Nagasaki and Kochi, Japan
Performed by Kota Yamazaki
Music: Saint-Saens, Cocteau Twins, Alva Noto and Biosphere

"IRUKA is a journey between two elements such as ying and yang, plus and minus, response and motion. Rapid witching between them or an attempt to cross them causes an exposure of disruptive physical reaction which this dance intends to. IRUKA, translated as " Are you here? ", also poses the question like " For what purpose does body exist here? "
—Kota Yamazaki

"Kota Yamazaki's dance, IRUKA, in which looseness and tenseness keep coming and going, with his distinguished ability to deliver it, was like an invitation for viewers to visit the time and space where Yamazaki belongs. While a performer and a viewer usually reside separately in time and space, this dance made that space/time boundary between Yamazaki and the viewers vanish, synchronizing the two instead. "
—The Kochi Newspaper

"This solo is what dance is about."
—Paris review by Nicolas Villodre


.Photo: Cécile Pitois



Premiere at Kazuo Ohno Festival, Bank Art, Yokohama
Dancer: Kota Yamazaki, Tomomi Tanabe
Scientist: Kazuo Okada
Music: Tsugaru Syamisen and others

[A scientist does an electrical experiment.
A man does dance behind it.
A woman wanders looking for ghost.
And I saw an illusion of vast rice field on the subway.
All illusions are crossing in the place.]

”Moment to moment, his excessively subdivided movement was extremely vivid. In another sense, his body radically adhered to every instant in time. Then, through his lucid existance in space and time, composed by the volume around him, the present he became tangible. That is to say, we see the dimness through the soft beams of sunlight of his new York residence. Without consciousness, he has come to this level. This is what I call "sincere."
—On Stage /Japan

.Photo: Mina Nishimura


RISE : ROSE (2005)

Premiere at PICA, TBA Festival
Dancer: Michou Szabo, Paul Matteson, Mina Nishimura, Kota Yamazaki
Stage Set: Stephen Crawford
Lighting Design: Amanda Ringger
Music: Masahiro Sugaya, Ryoji Ikeda

”One might imagine afterlife by seeing this unique and sensitive world.”
—Kota Yamazaki

"Kota Yamazaki's dance ensemble Fluid hug hug,whose starkly beautiful Rise:Rose conjured some of the most magical visions I've ever seen onstage."
—The Wall Street Journal

"Yamazaki's ability to represent and extinguisha new world is a cutting-edge performance"
—Dance Magazine

.Photo: Amanda K. Ringer



Premiere at Setagaya Theater Tram, Tokyo
Dancer: Kota Yamazaki (with Tsumugi Nishimura "a girl" and Vivian "a dog")
Music: Robert Ashley, Cold Play

"When I am in Senegal, I dream of New York or Tokyo where I was from through the landscape of Africa.I would say that this piece has a conexistent atmosphere: the dreaming of New York through the African landscape and the dreaming of Africa through the city's life. Since A day of Africa will sometimes be presented with FAGAALA (collaboration with Jant-bi), I want to make them very opposit, A day of Africa has a very peaceful atmoasphere, while FAGAALA is a piece on genocide."
—Kota Yamazaki

"He is a dancer who always can crystalize his maximum beyond  any limit or common knowledge ,but not dance only within his safety zone like many other dancers do. Just surprise....!"
—On Stage/Japan

"Yamazaki does not stay purely in the deeply philosophical, physically stylized realm of Butoh. He dives beyond it, incorporating text, compositional tools of contemporary dance experimentalism, and sophiscated movement vocabulary to develop his materials. In A day of Africa we encounter his beautiful and disorienting layers of interior and exterior shuttling through and between Asian, American and African worlds."    
—Chicago Dance Center

.Photo: Hideo Tanaka



Premiere at Kagurazaka de Pratz

Dancer: Kota Yamazaki
Music: Michael Nyman

.Photo: Hideo Tanaka


MERONNA (2002)

Premire at AZABU dei pratze, Tokyo
Dancer: Kota Yamzaki, Mina Nishimura
Music: Geir Jenssen and others

"This experience for the audience was one of mesmeric fascinations. As the dancers seemed to swim in the air,their bodies like ectoplasmic sculptures moving in fluid yet passionate concentration.  This was poetry that seeped through the eyes, ear and muscles of the audience, bringing a new kind of aesthetic transformation."
Arizona State Journal

"Heartfull dance... We see the reason clearly why Yamazaki needs Nishimura's dance as a different existence."

.Photo: Tsuyoshi Nakajima



Premiere at Ryutopia, Niigata
Dancers: Kota Yamazaki, Mina Nishimura

[A girl and a man sitting on the couch.
   Blue shining water is flowing through the living room.
   A man is at a loss with sighs and the humming of a girl never stops.]

" Contrast between a man with strength and sharpness, and a girlish woman with pureness and strangeness reveals a novel-like atomosphere. "
Dance Magazine

.Photo: Arnold Groeschel



Premiere at Massachusetts Monholy University
Dancers: Yui Kawaguchi, Yasutake Shimagi, Yuko Okubo, Hiromi Obuchi, Ryo Omi, Sadayuki Hayashi, Masayoshi Horikawa, JOEY, Mina Nishimura and Kota Yamazaki

"In 2001, I had a feeling of making a new piece of people who cherish sadness inside. Later of this year, 9/11 happened. And I closed my company rosy co."
Kota Yamazaki

"This choreography is so flexible so that drawing each dancer's different personalities and causing increase of tension on the stage gradually, continuously which makes this piece so memorable."
Dance Magazine

"Night on the grass made a bright impression. Through unbalanced and unexpected movements, anxiety or fear which are sealed in daily life are seen clearly in Night on the Grass. This fact makes a bright impression."
Dance Magazine

.Photo: Arata Yoshimura




Premiere on Barnard Project at Dance Theater Workshop, New York
Performed by Sam Ashworth, Ally Duffey, Adriana Harrison, Sophie Schapiro, Caroline Walthall, Tessa Whitehead
Lihting Design by Tricia Toliver
Costumes by Liz Prince
Music by Ryoji Ikeda, Star**cker

[This piece was created based on an illustrated book, Little Lellolello, with the illustration by Kenjiro Okazaki, the text by Park Kyong-Mi and the translation by Juliet Carpenter.]

Photo: Kenjiro Okazaki



CHAMISSA 4°C (2006)

Premiere at Kyoto Performing Arts Center, Japan
Performed by Phobe Robinson, Lee Serle, Nick Sommerville, Joanne White Tsujimoto
Music: Masahiro Sugaya
Lighting Design: Ben Cobham
Costume Design: Ess-Hoshika Laboratory

"What especially Yamazaki succeeded in this choreography seems to give a life to 'something neither butoh nor western contemporary dance' without forcing dancers to perform in stereotypical butoh style…. it revealed kaleidoscopic images in the space which keep transforming by the minute."
—Shimokitazawa Tsushin (Japan)

.Photo: Ryuichi Maruo/YCAM



Premiere at The National Theater of Korea
Choreographer: Kota Yamazaki
Dancers: Kyong-sil Choi, Soon-ho Park, Yoon-jung Lee, Jong-chul Shin, Dong-won, LeeJin-young Kil

Music: Jung-wook Ki?
Lighting Designer: Masaki Aikawa
Costume: Si-nae Kim



FAGALAA (2004)

Official premiere at UCR, California (Premiere in Toubab Dialaw, Senegal)
Choreographers: Germaine Acogny, Kota Yamazaki
Dancers:  Babacar Ba Cire Beye, Abdoulaye Kane, Papa Ibrahima Ndiya (Kaolack), Ousmane Bane Ndiya, Tchebe Saky, Abib Sow
Composer: Fabrice Boullion/LaForest
Co-Composer: Jean-Yves Gratius
Costume Designer: Oumou Sy
Set Designer: Maciej Fiszer

[Acogny would like everybody -the society and politicians- to become conscious of the urgent need to find solutions for peace in order to extinguish the flames of hatred and to avoid that this type of tragedy will ever happen again. Yamazaki believes FAGAALA could be a requiem which will last forever with beauty, full of strength and originality In FAGAALA, he tried to discribe unconcious emotions which are hiding within every people and could make such a tragedy happens.]

"Germaine Acogny, artistic director of Senegal-based Compagnie Jant-bi, and Japanese Butohchoreographer Kota Yamazaki made what seems impossible.They shone a light on one of themost horrific crimes of the last twentieth century and created beauty. Fagaala tells us, the destruvtive forces inside us can and will periodically erupt. Painters likeBosch, Goya, Picasso have grappled with that darkest side of human nature. Fagaala  does it through dance."
—Dance Magazine






CHOLON (2001)

Premiere at Bunkamura Theater Cocoon, Tokyo 5/18
Kinuko Shimada, Motoko Hirayama, Soumi Sasaki, Yukako Kanou, Hiromi Obuchi, Yuko Okubo, Sadira Smith, Hiroyuki Iguchi, Hiroyuki Mizuuchi, Toru Omi, Yasutake Shimaji, Shige Ishibashi, Kota Yamazaki
Stage Set:
Toyo Ito   
Set assistant:
Makoto Yokomizo
Lighting Design: Wataru Adachi
Masahiro Sugaya

"Just refreshing air was left.... though audience was heated up....."
On Stage/Japan

"Cholon simply impressed us. Japanese contemporary dance finally reached this much far."
WALK 41/Japan




Premiere at New National Theater, Tokyo  3/10

Dancers: Kuniko Kisanuki, Yuko Okubo, Hiromi Obuchi, Namie Kita, Kinuko Shimada, Sadira Smith, Hiroyuki Iguchi, Ryo Omi, Takayuki Shiraishi, Masatoshi Setoda, Tomohisa Hikida, Kaiji Moriyama, Yukako Kano and Kota Yamazaki
Stage set: Toyo Ito
Lighting Design: Wataru Adachi
Music: Ryoji Ikeda, Pharoah Sanders



FOIGRAS (2000)

Premiere at Lyon Dance Biennial (works in progress), France
and Lafore Museum ROPPONGI, Tokyo (evening-length work)

Dancers: Yoko Ando, Mia Atsugi, Yui Kawaguchi, Yukako Kanou, Hiromi Obuchi, Masayoshi Horikawa, Masaki Hoshika, Tomohisa Hikida, Hiroyuki Iguchi, Megumi Yoshizawa and Kota Yamazaki
Live Music: 32 Janvier
Lighting Design: Wataru Adachi
Set Designer: Chiezou Taro

"Yamazaki's ability as a choreographer leads an appearence of a new holy world in the space."
Dance Magazine: Ballet 2001




Premiere at IMA Hall,Tokyo

Dancers: Masayoshi Horikawa, Yui Kawaguchi and Kota Yamazaki
Music: Simon Turner, Taeko Oonuki, Masaaki Kikuchi




Premiere at Bumkamura Theater Cocoon, Tokyo  7/23
Dancers: Yoko Ando, Kinuko Shimada, Ayuko Hirata, Ryohei Kondo, Kaiji Moriyama, Masanori Hoshika, Masayoshi Horikawa, Hiroyuki Mizuuchi, Yukako Kano, Yayoi Hatanaka, Kota Yamazaki
Flower Set: Ryusaku Matsuda
Lighting Design: Wataru Adachi
Music: Masahiro Sugaya, Ryoji Ikeda

"One of the loveliest and most original new dances of this or any other season."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Is this a dream or a dance that should stand alone?"
Dance Magazine



PICNIC (1997)

Premiere at Spiral Hall, Tokyo

Dancers: Kyoko Morimoto, Tangin Fong Matos, Ryohei Kondo, Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Yuko Okubo, Kaiji Moriyama, Masanori Hoshika, Hiroyuki Mizuuchi, Masayoshi Horikawa, Tomohisa Hikida, Ryo Omi and Kota Yamazaki
Stage Set: Et In Terra Pax
Music: Masahiro Sugaya



Premiere at Bunkamura Theater Cocoon, Tokyo

Dancers: Kyoko Morimoto, Megumi Yoshizawa, Mami Shimazaki, Ryohei Kondo, Kenzo Kusuda, Tangin Fong Hing and Kota Yamazaki
Music: Ryoji Ikeda


SHAKURI (1995)

Premiere at Ikebukuro Arts Theater, Tokyo

Dancer: Kota Yamazaki
Music: Ryoji Ikeda



Premiere at Spiral Hall, Tokyo

Dancers: Yoko Ando and Kota Yamazaki
Music: Masahiro Sugaya


TRAFFIC (1994)

Premiere at Sinjyuku Space Zero

Ryohei Kondo, Sadayuki Hayashi, Yoshimi Ide, Yoko Ando, Kota Yamazaki
Music: Masahiro Sugaya



Premiere at Sougetu Hall (Tokyo Platform of Bagnolet Competition)

Dancers: Ryohei Kondo, Aki Nagatani, Megumi Yoshizawa and Kota Yamazaki
Music: Masahiro Sugaya



Premiere at Asahi Square

Dancers: Ken Nakakura, Aki Nagatani and Kota Yamazaki
Music: Masahiro Sugaya


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